Has having IBD made you a better cook?
Yes! Since I care about what I eat, I cook all the time!
No, I don't ever cook
I let my mom do all the cooking, but research some stuff for her to make for me
Will I have to live with this all my life? Will it ever go away? Will I always feel like this? See the Answer

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  • FAQs – From “What is it” to “who gets it,” the lowdown on IBD symptoms, statistics, causes, and research news

  • What Up Doc – Meds and procedures and surgery, oh my! Take a trip to the hospital.

  • How to Deal – Family freak-out and your social scene: managing relationships, friends, protective parents, brothers and sisters

  • Takin' Charge – Be the boss of your IBD with nutrition, fitness, and health (yes, you can eat AND play sports!)

  • A Little Privacy Please – Gotta go? Make a bathroom plan and deal with embarrassing moments. Toilet tips, survival skills and…potty humor.

  • Ups and Downs – Stress or self-esteem: hang on for the IBD rollercoaster ride, and look on the bright side!

  • Holidays – Making your Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, parties and other celebrations food-friendly and fun

  • Guide for Parents – Mom and Dad, get the facts about IBD from diagnosis to normal daily life

  • Guide for Teachers – Helping teachers and school administrators understand the needs of IBD students

  • Guide for Teens - This guide gives you the 411 on how Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis can affect you

  • Pete Learns All About Crohns & Colitis - A colorful comic book that easily explains disease information

  • IBD and Me Activity Book – A book filled with activities and games that can help you learn more about Crohn’s and colitis

  • Pill Swallowing Techniques – Get some tips on ways to help you swallow pills

  • Living Well with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – A self management handbook for patients and families with IBD

  • UC and Crohn’s Digest Archives – Check out past issues of our bimonthly newsletter
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